ELDOM Green Line Zonnecollector met 16 vacuümbuizen voor warm water

Zonnecollector met 16 vacuümbuizen, waarmee u de warmte van de zon gebruikt om uw water te verwarmen
VHP 16 Vacuum
14-21 dagen
Incl. btw

Zonnecollector met 16 vacuümbuizen voor warm water

Type nummer: VHP 16 Vacuum

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Accumulation of solar energy all through the year, collects sunrays all day long.

ELDOM Green Line solar collectors comprise of vacuum-tube heat pipes They are intended for operation through the whole year which guarantees the high rate of return of investments. They quickly absorb solar radiation, have minimum heat losses and feature excellent performance even in cold weather.
We use complex parabolic reflectors which are ELDOMINVEST's own know-how: sun-rays are falling on the reflectors at such an angle as to ensure that collector receives directly the solar irradiation all day long, and the back side of the tube accepts the scattered sun radiation .

Operation principle: sunrays are absorbed at such an angle of incidence as to ensure that collector receives directly the solar irradiation all day long. The lower and not directly irradiated arc of collector tube is being irradiated by solar radiation through the parabolic reflector. Thanks to its unique construction the solar collector by ELDOM has 30% higher thermal efficiency compared to other evacuated tube collectors. This collector construction results in self-cleaning from dust and snow which additionally guarantees their maximum efficiency throughout the whole year.

The absorber and copper heat pipe are mounted in robust concentric double-walled pipes. Pipe evacuation is providing high thermal insulation, permanent corrosion protection and resistance to
environment impacts.
We offer our clients the main components for heating installations deploying energy generated by renewable energy sources:

  • De zonnecollector is vervaardigd binnen de EU en CE-gecertificeerd;
  • U krijgt 2 jaar volledige garantie
  • Evacuated tube heat pipes with a three-layer selective coating. The deep vacuum in pipes protects the absorber from “ cooling down”, thus way collector maintains its efficiency also in lower outside temperatures;
  • Higher thermal insulation – insulation thickness is 50 mm, from high quality rock wool. Provides for very low heat losses and high thermal resistance of product;
  • Silicone contact thermal grease, to improve the thermal transfer between the heat pipe glass tube and collector heat exchanger;
  • Maximum catching and absorption of solar /ray/ energy thanks to the parabolic concentrators;
  • Heat pipes made from copper to ensure a better heat exchange;
  • High temperature resistance;
  • Exceptional absorption characteristics, with lower heat losses, specially adapted for operation in cold weather too;
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and longer life;
  • High absorption ability;
  • Pipe glass made from high quality borosilicate material, 3,3mm thick;
  • Resistance to hailstorms of  ice grain diameter up to 25mm.;
  • Specially designed holders to protect collector from snow banked up and help its self-cleaning.

Aantal buizen 16
Hoogte x Breedte х Lengte [mm]

2000 x 1080 x 185

Gewicht [kg] 56

Volume [l]



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